About The Ravens Club - Downtown Ann Arbor Restaurant & Bar
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Co-owner Chris Pawlicki The Ravens Club

Chris Pawlicki


Chris grew up in a family business that valued hospitality. He swept floors on the weekends at the Old Town Tavern and later cooked in the kitchen during the summer. He had other summer jobs in the industry as well, serving as a cook at Real Seafood Co. and the Full Moon Saloon.


He finished his education at Florida State University with a degree in Hospitality Administration. From there he got his first management job at L & N Seafood Grill. After a year there, he moved back to Michigan and married his wife, Kathy. Soon after that, Chris opened Pawlys, which was next door to the Old Town. After six years at Pawlys, Chris made the decision to sell it and buy the Old Town Tavern from his father. He strived to bring the tavern new energy and direction, while keeping the neighborhood, “Cheers” feel.


After fourteen years of running the Old Town, he is back at the 207 S. Main space, now home to The Ravens Club. Where he was once a cold side line cook, he is excited to be an owner with the opportunity to express his vision. For the last several years, he had many passionate discussions with his friend, Jeff Paquin, about opening a restaurant. In late 2010 everything fell into place and Jeff and Chris began to pursue this long awaited dream.