Cocktail of the Month: A Rose for Emily - The Ravens Club
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Cocktail of the Month: A Rose for Emily

Spring is finally here—and though it’s never a good idea to get used to warm weather and sunshine in Michigan, we’re doing our part to keep winter at bay with our new spring cocktail menu.

A Rose for Emily is one inspired cocktail on the list—combining the seriousness of bourbon with the floral essence of rosewater syrup and a hint of rhubarb bitters. It’s a great, refreshing drink that hints at the cold winter behind, looking ahead to all the possibilities of spring and summer.

The cocktail was named after William Faulkner’s short story of the same name, his first published in a national magazine. We’ve seen some versions called The Running of the Roses, Rose Tinted Glasses or just a plain Bourbon, Rhubarb and Rosewater cocktail. The cocktail’s name and makeup were born one evening from a collaborative effort between a regular guest named Jeff and barman Zack Zavisa. We were aiming for whiskey forward— sessionable, yet refreshing—and keeping in mind seasonal flavors for the drink. The cocktail came about, Jeff suggested the name and therein lies A Rose for Emily.

The drink begins with Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon, to give a full-bodied but smooth character. Then add The Ravens Club’s own rosewater syrup (a basic 2:1 simple syrup flavored with rosewater) and finish with a few dashes of Fee Brothers rhubarb bitters. A large piece of mint garnishes the drink, adding fresh aroma as well as a classic pairing to the bourbon essence.

Stop by, try one yourself and talk a little Faulkner with us.