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From the Bar

Apricots, beets, blood oranges and beer will be coming to a cocktail line-up near you. Our pursuit of the perfect cocktail has further evolved, and will be incorporating said seasonal fruits, vegetables and even some of our favorite beers.

From whiskey and apricots to blood orange and rum, beets with aquavit to Crooked Tree IPA, what beats winter cabin fever better than a great cocktail? Focusing on using seasonal ingredients in the winter time can be tricky here in Michigan, there really isn’t a lot to choose from. Imagine our delight when we stumbled upon a local gentleman whose company, McClary Bros, sources local ingredients to make delicious old timey drinking vinegars. Josh’s beet carrot creation blew us away and we can’t wait to put it to good use behind the bar.

Since beer is always in season, and not a lot else is, it’s giving us an opportunity to profile what one of Michigan’s best IPAs can add to the complexity of a cocktail. The folks at Dark Horse are like family to us (congrats on your engagement JoJo and Wiggs!!) and we hope they’re flattered to be featured in our cocktail section.

So stop by and check out what we’re doing! Our friends, from here in Ann Arbor or visiting from elsewhere, are what keep us motivated in these very, very cold winter months.

WARNING: Consuming extraordinary craft cocktails may change your life. Not responsible for spontaneous acts of cheer and goodwill that may be engendered by consumption.