Orphan Barrel Whiskey: Now at TRC - The Ravens Club
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Orphan Barrel Whiskey: Now at TRC

There are rare spirits and then there are lost treasures. Stories of old barrels of whiskey found in the back of warehouses are the stuff of legend. Few have been fortunate enough to come across such treasures and when they do, they aren’t sharing. Fortunately for us all, the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company now exists—with a mission of finding lost barrels of whiskey from around the world to share with whiskey lovers everywhere.

Their first two releases are the 20-year-old Barterhouse Whiskey and the 26-year-old Old Blowhard Whiskey – both available now at The Ravens Club. Barterhouse and Old Blowhard stocks were found aging in old warehouses at the Sitzel-Weller facility in Louisville (both were originally bottled at Bernheim distilleries).

Each whiskey is packaged according to its distinct flavor personality, with Barterhouse wrapped in a vintage khaki label to match its warm spice, biscuit and buttercream nose. Old Blowhard, which tips its hat to a more nautical theme, matches rich flavors with undertones of smoke and honey.

Orphan Barrel whiskies are rare and supply is limited—so stop by soon for a taste.