The Dish: Steinhauser Farms Burger - The Ravens Club
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The Dish: Steinhauser Farms Burger

Our Steinhauser Farms Burger is one of the best burgers Ann Arbor has to offer. We use grass-fed beef from a local family farm, served on a fresh challah bun from White Lotus Farms (another Ann Arbor business)—topped with housemade bacon, Spanish blue cheese, and a red onion marmalade adapted from Frank’s mentor, Riko Bartolome. Add hand-cut fries and a pickle, and you have the perfect meal for any season.

It’s both the ingredients and the preparation that set our burger apart. We use Steinhauser Farms beef because it’s some of the best local beef available—from cows who graze on pastures all year round, less than 10 miles from our kitchen at The Ravens Club.

Cows weren’t meant to eat corn and soy; they were meant to eat grass. While all cows graze on pastures for the first six to 12 months of their lives, most finish at a feedlot, eating a concentration of corn, grains, soy, hormones and antibiotics. Grass-fed cows live their entire lives grazing on grassland, which has a major effect on the composition of their beef. Grass-fed beef has less overall fat, fewer calories and more omega-3 and good fats than conventional beef.

Grass-fed beef has a more complex taste and because it’s leaner than traditional beef, requires a more skilled hand to prepare it. At The Ravens Club, we temp our burgers to order. Stop by and try one today.