Vinos de Jerez Cocktail Competition - The Ravens Club
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Vinos de Jerez Cocktail Competition

Congratulations to our own Robyn Cleveland on being one of the finalists in the 2012 VINOS DE JEREZ COCKTAIL COMPETITION! Robyn was selected along with nine other finalists from around the country, and was the only representative from the Midwest to make the finalist list.

The Vinos de Jerez Cocktail Competition is a nationwide competition featuring bartenders/mixologists from across the country. Contestants are challenged to create the best sherry cocktail in America. It was created to showcase the incredible diversity of sherry wine, and its remarkable ability for use in cocktails and matching with food. Each contestant’s cocktail had to be featured on a working, existing restaurant or bar cocktail program, and could be made with any style of sherry, coming from any bodega in Jerez, Spain.

In addition to making their drink, each finalist provided an explanation of their cocktail and the best time to serve it, along with the precise recipe, possible food matches, proper garnish and ideal glass.

Robyn’s cocktail “Abanico” will be featured at The Ravens Club this month. Stop by to try it!