Chef Frank debuts at the Great Lakes Culinary Center - The Ravens Club
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Chef Frank debuts at the Great Lakes Culinary Center

Our focus of our GLCC debut was to really showcase our feeling we have in the kitchen in the winter months. The most important feeling we have during this cold time is nostalgia. Warm braises, pie crusts, chicken stock…cooking practices that are going to the wayside with each generations increased appetite for fast paced lifestyle and immediate gratification. We feel it is our duty to hold on to these culinary traditions and to pass on the knowledge and shed away their ignorance of difficulty. During the event, we poached a chicken and made pie crust…in about 8 minutes. The fear that many home cooks have of screwing up dinner is an element purely based on the fact they don’t do it enough. COOKING IS EASY. And many households use a cost/benefit analysis based on time and effort with getting dinner on the table…an analysis that the pre-packaged processed food industry will win every time. More and more, people are interested in really cooking, and the role we play as kitchen enthusiasts is to educate more people, and hopefully these traditions will once again become common practice.