Chefs love farms. We love White Lotus Farms. - The Ravens Club
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Chefs love farms. We love White Lotus Farms.

It’s a pretty well known fact that chefs love farms. Chefs enjoy forming relationships with farmers and getting to know their practices and the forthcoming offerings. In some instances, the farmers will even ask the chef what produce they would like to have grown. The satisfaction of standing at your cutting board, with a plump tomato resting on it, knowing every little step it has gone through before meeting its end in your kitchen, is soul-enriching.

“I know you.  I know your story.  I helped make you.  I respect you.”

That’s what it means to work with a farmer and produce food. The respect and dedication you will give the final dish cannot be any deeper than at that point.

The Ravens Club kitchen has formed a very special bond with White Lotus Farms, which is special, in our opinion. They pasture-raise goats for their goat cheese, using very specific techniques and breeds, they bake their own organic bread (the only bread we use at TRC) and they run one of the most beautiful and thoughtful vegetable farms. Our friendship has really grown and blossomed out of the mutual respect and acknowledgement we hold for one another’s craft. We have a mutual work ethic, dialogue, and respect for the set of standards we each hold at our establishments.

In part of our growing relationship, White Lotus hosts monthly Farm Dinners out on the fields. We’ve been lucky to have done a couple, and are slated for more in the future. The dinners really let us shine as chefs. Most of the products used for the dinners are completely from White Lotus. These opportunities are the perfect way for us to really express ourselves as chefs and truly show what it means to be a chef.  It’s also a great way for us to get out of the daily grind of the restaurant, getting extremely creative and really get to let ourselves go.

There’s no way we could put carrot confit, wild spicy greens, marcona almond, and buttermilk-ramp emulsion on the menu at TRC, but out there in the field, it’s a different story.  Even though we’ve worked with the farmers for what expect as far as produce goes for the dinners, once we are out there, we find 10-15 other things we want to use. Things like nasturtiums, rose petals, eggs and charring leaves. The type of cooking we do at White Lotus is not sustainable as far as business goes, but it really lets us flex our brains and push ourselves.  We like to think of it as our escape.

We look forward to continuing our growth with White Lotus Farms and hope to see you at one of the upcoming Farm Dinners.

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