Cocktail Classes at TRC - The Ravens Club
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Cocktail Classes at TRC

So much of the time, cocktails in bars are overly sweet, insipid, and not very interesting. But a well made classic cocktail is a revelation. In the next three months, Tammy Coxen will be hosting 3 cocktail classes at The Ravens Club. Each participant will learn all about cocktails, including how to mix your own drinks at home and how to order a drink you’ll really like in a bar. Classes are hands on, with lots of tasting opportunities. The cost of the classes are $35 each. To purchase tickets, please visit

A preview of upcoming classes:

February 13Pink Drinks that Don’t Suck
Pink doesn’t have to mean sweet, or insipid, or “just for girls.” We’ll explore a wide range of drinks that share only their color in common, with flavors ranging far and wide and appealing to a wide variety of tastes – even “manly men.”

March 12 Serious Tiki Drinks
Much maligned, tiki drinks are not simple fruit-juice laden beverages. Tiki is really all about the rum, and we’ll taste several examples of this hugely variable spirit, from different countries and styles, before blending them with fruit juice and other ingredients to create the complex and layered drinks that exemplify Tiki at its best!

April 9 No Shots Allowed: Tequila Cocktails
Too often, the word “tequila” brings to mind bad 21st birthdays and fraternity hazing. In this class, we’ll examine the role this underappreciated spirit plays in cocktails. Its sultry, smoky and sophisticated cousin Mezcal will also make an appearance.