Welcome Sous Chef Julie Weiss - The Ravens Club
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Welcome Sous Chef Julie Weiss

Chef Julie Weiss was first taught about what food meant when she was five years old, in the small kitchen of her Italian grandmother. Food was meant to bring people together, to give joy; to sustain through times of happiness and grief. Julie took that knowledge and began her career at the age of fifteen, when she started working for a local catering company.

           Julie earned her bachelor’s degree in hospitality business at Michigan State University in 2002. After graduating, Julie attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, South Carolina, where she was influenced by the incredible local cuisine, abundance of fresh fish and seafood, and the outstanding hospitality of the city.

           In January of 2003, Julie moved to San Francisco to explore the bounty and diversity of the Bay Area. There she started working at local favorite Home restaurant, first as sous chef and then chef de cuisine. She came to love the fast-paced frenzy of working at such a popular, busy restaurant. Julie made the menu her own with a knowledge of Midwest comfort foods, combined with the amazing local produce of the area.

           In 2007 Julie started working for acclaimed chef Craig Stoll at his landmark restaurant Delfina. To earn a spot in Chef Stoll’s kitchen, Julie started at the bottom—plating salads and cold appetizers on garde manger station. She worked her way up the line, eventually serving as part of the kitchen that helped Chef Stoll win the James Beard award for Best Chef. In 2010, Julie was promoted to sous chef at the wildly popular Pizzeria Delfina next door; she spent three happy years learning the art of pizza until the birth of her daughter in 2012.

           Last May, Julie returned to Michigan to raise her family in Ann Arbor, enticed by the growing food scene. The Ravens Club welcomes Julie Weiss as our newest sous chef.